AgWeather Atlantic

The business of agriculture is inextricably connected to the weather. Producers and agrologists need to be experts at reading, interpreting and anticipating weather. With every change in wind, rain and temperature there are changes on the ground, influencing field conditions, pests, diseases and yields.

Now producers in the Maritime region have a specialized tool to help them monitor weather so they can make timely decisions about their crops. AgWeather Atlantic is a website that is the result of an important collaboration between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Environment Canada, and other provincial and industry groups in the region.

View the video about this exciting new tool and visit the AgWeather Atlantic website.

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Video Transcript

[An image and a maple leaf appear on screen. This is the title graphic for the video.]

[Light, electronic music fades in.]

Text on screen: AgWeather Atlantic

[The video opens with a close up shot of wheat blowing in the wind. The shot the changes to a view where we can see the field of wheat plus some of the surrounding area.]

Narrator: Farmers in the Maritimes can now access a new weather service called AgWeather Atlantic.

[The shot changes to shot to show a close up of a field of potato plants. The plants are flowering and we can see countless light purple flowers.]

It gives them everything they need to know to maximize their crops.

[The shot changes to show three people standing in front of a small weather station. They are talking.]

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada climate specialist, Erin Smith...

[The shot changes to show the two women from the previous shot standing in front of the same small weather station. This time the control box of the station is open and one of the women is working in the box using a laptop.]

...installed a third AgWeather Atlantic weather station in Baltic, Prince Edward Island, this summer.

[Light, electronic music continues.]

[The shot changes to show a bright yellow canola field under a clear blue sky. Slowly the camera pans to the right to show more of the canola field.]

It gives farmers greater local weather detail than ever before, all in one easy to find, centralized website location.

[The shot changes to show one of the women from the previous shot. She is looking to camera.]

Text on screen: Erin Smith, Senior Climate Adaptation Specialist, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Erin Smith: Feedback has been really positive. A lot of people have suggested that they would really like access to a mobile application. So that's in our future; to develop a mobile app where producers can access this type of information...

[The shot changes to show a tractor tilling an empty field.]

...from their tractor or the field.

[Light, electronic music continues.]

[The shot changes to show the same tractor, still tilling the field, but from a different angle.]

I think that will make it a lot more promising for producers.

[The shot changes to show a close up of the weather vane on the top of the weather station.]

Narrator: The system translates and fine tunes weather data...

[The shot changes to show three people, the two woman and one man from earlier, standing in front of the weather station. They are discussing something.]

...from 150 stations.

[The shot changes back to show the weather vane and other measuring equipment on the top of the weather station.]

[Light, electronic music continues.]

It allows farmers to make key decisions. Over the next three years the website will offer a range of support tools...

[The shot changes to show a potato field in full bloom.]

...from full crop reports on commodities...

[The shot changes to show a still image of the AgWeather Atlantic website.] pest forecasting...

[The shot changes to show a tractor applying fertilizers to a bare field.]

...fertilizer optimization...

[The shot changes to show major soil erosion between two rows of plants in a field.]

...soil erosion assessment...

[The shot changes to show a large irrigation boom in a field.]

...and irrigation calculation.

[Fade to white.]

[Fade up from white.]

Text on screen: Modern. Innovative. Growing. Discover other agricultural innovations at

[Light, electronic music fades out.]

Text on screen: Canada, © Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (2014).

[Fade to black.]
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