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Pigs eating at feeders.

Optimizing pig feeding: Win-win for both producers and the environment
A technological innovation for swine farms will soon help producers reduce pollutant emissions to the environment and lower their feed costs at the same time.

Close-up of a man's hand holding a single wireworm in some dirt.

Fatal attraction: companion planting technique controls wireworms in potatoes
With spring comes planting season, and with planting season come unwanted guests for more and more Canadian farmers: wireworms.

AAFC technician Roger Henry displays the new organic certificate

Harrington Research Farm gets certified organic for organic research plots
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has its first certified organic research plots.

Cultivated blueberries

Wild Pollinators (video)
Canada's blueberry crops are dependent on pollination by bees. But it's not just honey bees out there doing the work. Wild bees and other insects are effective pollinators as well. Learn more why it’s important to protect habitats around blueberry fields.

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