Sheep Value Chain Roundtable

Nearly all of the lamb meat produced in Canada is sold to domestic consumers. While the industry's principal focus has been on the production of high-quality lamb meat, changing demographics in Canada is spurring on the growth of additional sheep products such as milk products, yogurts and cheeses.

The Roundtable brings together key industry and government members to discuss market challenges and opportunities facing the industry as well as develop and implement action plans designed to improve the industry's competitive position.

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Working groups

  • Health Strategies Working Group enables increased access to drugs and vaccines not currently officially recognized in Canada. It also addresses issues related to antibiotic use and resistance, emergency management, and emerging diseases.
  • Profitability Working Group works towards increasing the profitability of the sheep industry in Canada by addressing issues related to training and development, management tools, genetic improvement, forward pricing models, lending and credit elements, and other financial/profitability constraints.
  • Meat and Carcass Quality Working Group encourages the improvement of Canadian lamb carcass and meat quality, as well as sharing information along the value chain and examining the impact of herd management on meat and carcass quality.
  • Research Working Group develops an approach for the sector to become organized nationally with a goal to support the expansion and sustainability of the sheep industry in Canada.
  • Market Access Working Group provides the Canadian sheep industry's perspective on international and interprovincial trade issues in meat, live animals, by-products, genetics, and wool.
  • Social Licence Working Group works towards differentiating Canadian products based on social licence by developing relationships with retailers, addressing consumer issues, and contributing towards agricultural awareness and ag-in-the-classroom initiatives.

Upcoming meeting

The next Roundtable meeting will take place in fall 2017.

Meeting summary – Record of Decision



  • Andrew Gordanier – Summer Station Farm
  • Andrea Johnston – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • André Forget – Abattoir Jacques Forget
  • Robyn Moore – Alberta Lamb Producers
  • Brian Greaves – Canadian Co-Operative Wool Growers Ltd.
  • Michael Hall– Canadian Livestock Genetics Association
  • Bruce Sinclair – Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association
  • Corlena Patterson – Canadian Sheep Federation
  • Phil Kolodychuk – Canadian Sheep Federation
  • Barbara Johnstone Grimmer – Canadian Sheep Federation
  • Arlette Seib – Canadian Sheep Federation
  • Herman Bouw, Canadian Sheep Federation
  • Rob Scott – Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
  • Harry Elsinga, Canadian Sheep Federation
  • Hélène Méthot – Centre d'expertise en production ovine du Québec
  • Yves Langlois – Fédération des producteurs d'agneaux et moutons du Québec
  • Michael Isenor – Northumberlamb
  • Maggie Pearce – Ontario Lamb Company
  • Jennifer MacTavish – Ontario Sheep Marketing Agency
  • Paula Menzies – Ontario Veterinary College
  • Dwayne Beaton – SunGold Specialty Meats

Provincial governments

  • Susan Hosford – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Trish Laugharne/Lori Vickers – British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture
  • Duncan Fraser – New Brunswick Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
  • Mamoon Rashid – Manitoba Department of Agriculture
  • Geneviève Maher – Ministère de l'agriculture, des pêcheries et de l'alimentation du Québec
  • Tim Metzger – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and rural Affairs
  • Sherri Dobb – Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture

Federal government

  • Donald Boucher – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Dr. Heather Brown – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Geoff Adams – Global Affairs Canada
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