Pulse Industry Roundtable

The term "pulses" refers to grain legumes such as chickpeas, dry beans, dry peas and lentils. The Pulse Industry Roundtable shares information and seeks to enhance collaboration through the whole value chain as well as finds ways to improve global competitiveness and profitability.

Key objectives:

  • create a shared understanding of key market challenges and opportunities facing the pulse sector and address information gaps.
  • examine and address barriers to competitiveness and innovation.
  • leverage opportunities to promote awareness about the benefits of pulse crops.
  • consult, share and promote collaboration across the value chain.

Contact us

If you have any questions or would like more information, please email us at roundtable-tableronde@agr.gc.ca

Working groups

  • Competitive Intelligence Working Group develops strategies to improve the competitive position of Canada's pulse industry both domestically and in export markets.
  • Collaborative Research Working Group identifies pulse research projects and priorities in Canada, communicates research results as well as influences research priorities at a federal and industry level.

Upcoming meeting

The next Roundtable meeting will take place January 2018 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Meeting summary – Records of Decision



  • Lee Moats – Pulse Producer
  • Beth MacNeil – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • Vicky Dutton – Archer Daniels Midland
  • Martin Chidwick – Agrimonde Pulses Inc.
  • Leanne Fischbuch – Alberta Pulse Growers
  • Allison Ammeter – Alberta Pulse Growers
  • Margaret Hughes – Best Cooking Pulses, Inc.
  • Jennifer Evancio – Best Cooking Pulses, Inc.
  • Heather Maskus – Canadian International Grains Institute
  • Colin Topham - Canadian Special Crops Association
  • Marion Hunt – Hensall District Co-op
  • Francois Labelle – Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers
  • Ryan Koeslag– Ontario Bean Growers Association
  • Gordon Bacon – Pulse Canada
  • Gordon Kurbis – Pulse Canada
  • Gerrid Gust – Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Lisette Mascarenhas – Saskatchewan Pulse Growers
  • Blair Roth – Viterra


  • Mary Leggett – Novozymes
  • Rick Green – POS Bio-Sciences
  • Mary Buhr – University of Saskatchewan

Provincial governments

  • Mark Olson – Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
  • Bruce Brolley – Manitoba Department of Agriculture
  • Dawn Pate – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Dale Risula – Saskatchewan Agri-Food and Rural Revitalization

Federal government

  • Darlene Blair – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Laura Anderson – Canadian Grain Commission
  • Ning Wang – Canadian Grain Commission
  • Stefan Wagener – Canadian Grain Commission
  • Jennifer Fellows – Global Affairs Canada
  • Sonya Agbessi – Health Canada
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