Organic Value Chain Roundtable

The Organic Value Chain Roundtable builds a shared understanding of the Canadian organic sector's competitive position and creates consensus on how to improve its performance and profitability. Members represent multiple commodities and a wide cross section of the Canadian organic value chain including producers, processors, distributors, retailers, food service and exporters, as well as provincial and federal government representatives.

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Task forces

  • Investment funding – Clarify the national financial needs of the Canadian organic sector and identify present and future investment mechanisms.
  • Data – Identify options and determine how to collect reliable date from the organic sector.
  • Increasing supply – Identify sector issues and complete a sector analysis to identify supply needs and gaps.
  • Research needs assessment – Prepare a research needs assessment for the next science cluster.

Meeting summary

Upcoming meeting

The next Roundtable meeting takes place on March 1-2, 2017 in Ottawa, Ontario.



  • Paddy Doherty – West Enderby Farms Ltd.
  • Sandra Gagné – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


  • Alain Rioux – Filière biologique du Québec
  • Allison Grant – Southfield Organics
  • Andrew Hammermeister – Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, Dalhousie University
  • Becky Lipton – Organic Alberta
  • Marie-Eve Levert – Canada Organic Trade Association
  • Carl Carter – Canadian Health Food Association
  • Connie Kehler – Saskatchewan Herb and Spice Association
  • Dag Flack – Natures Path Foods Inc.
  • Jérôme-Antoine Brunelle – Union des producteurs agricoles
  • John Messina – Burnac Produce Ltd.
  • Keith Everts – Diamond Willow Range
  • Lisa Mumm – Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds
  • Ashley St Hilaire – Canadian Organic Growers
  • Marion McBride – Organic Connections
  • Sally Bernard – Barnyard Organics, ACORN
  • Sally Blackman – Canadian Produce Marketing Association
  • Sara Harker and Troy Harker – Harkers Organics
  • Ted Zettel – Organic Federation of Canada, Organic Meadow Cooperative
  • Theresa Richards – Atlantic Canadian Organic Regional Network
  • Tina Horsley – Aramark Canada Ltd.
  • Tom Manley – Homestead Organics
  • François Handfield – Ferme aux petits oignons

Provincial Government

  • Dunling Wang – Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture
  • Hugh Berges – Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food
  • Keri Sharpe – Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Dr. Laura Telford – Manitoba Department of Agriculture
  • Nicolas Turgeon – Agriculture, Pêcheries et Alimentation Québec
  • Susan Smith – British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture
  • Anna North – British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture

Federal Government

  • Michael Wood – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
  • Marie-Claire Hurteau – Canadian Food Inspection Agency
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