Crops Market Information - Canadian Industry

This section provides publications focusing on country profiles and situation and outlook reports. The focus is on:

  • wheat, durum
  • coarse grains: barley, corn, oats, rye
  • oilseeds: canola, flaxseed, soybeans
  • pulse and special crops: dry peas, lentils, dry beans, chick peas, mustard seed, canary seed, sunflower seed, buckwheat.


Canada: Outlook for Principal Field Crops
Provides timely market information and analysis on the situation and outlook for grains and oilseeds and pulses and special crops in Canada focusing on supply, demand and prices.

Weekly Price Summary
Provides a listing of crop prices for specific commodities in Canada and the United States in which comparisons can be made between, current prices, cumulative to-date averages, and historical crop year and calendar year averages.

Feed Grain Facts
Table A: Contains the selling prices quoted by the trade at selected points. These prices reflect the actual market prices for purchasing these commodities (mainly by feedmills and large livestock producers).

Table B: Replacements values reflect quoted cash prices at shipping points (origin) plus the full transfer cost at the selected delivered points. Intent is to compare the actual quoted market value (selling prices) with the estimated replacement cost for the same selected points.

Market Outlook Report
Provides market information and in-depth analysis on specific issues covering domestic and international grains, oilseeds, and pulse and special crop markets. The report provides timely information on a wide range of topics including situation and outlook reports for commodities and country profiles with an emphasis on Canadian competitiveness, market development, diversification and value added.

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