Value chain roundtables

Learn about priority issues and collaboration between industries and government.

Canada's grains and oilseeds industry

Learn about how Canadian foods make their way to your table.

Watch the Canada's Grains and Oilseeds Industry video

Canadian farms provide a diverse range of crops for domestic and international markets.

Crops initiatives

Initiatives Supporting Producers
List of issues and priorities being addressed to support producers and their business and create new opportunities.

Market information

Crops Market Information - Canadian Industry
Timely market information and analysis on the situation and outlook for grains and oilseeds, pulses and special crops in Canada focusing on supply, demand and prices.

Reports available:

Oilseeds, cereals and grains

Includes: wheat, durum, barley, corn, oats, rye, canola, flaxseed, and soybeans.

Pulses and special crops

Pulses include: chickpeas, dry beans, dry peas and lentils.

Special Crops include: buckwheat, canary seed, forages, ginseng, herbs (medicinal plants), spices, industrial hemp, mustard seed, safflower seed, seeds (for sowing) and sunflower seed.

Pulses and Special Crops – Canadian Industry
Overview of the Canadian industries, including information about the production, nutritional values, uses and products made of these crops, and statistics.

Statistics about Grain in Canada

Find current and historical data and statistical information about grain elevators, grain exports, deliveries and other grain-related subjects. See statistics about grain in Canada on the Canadian Grain Commission website.

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