Market Information by Product (Sector)

Animal Genetics

Information on the Animal Pedigree Act and animal genetics.


The emerging bioeconomy offers the potential to contribute to economic growth in Canada. Find out more about how bioproducts are delivering benefits to farmers, the economy and our environment.


Oilseeds, cereals, grain, pulses and special crops.


Statistics and market information on the Canadian dairy industry.

Fish and Seafood

Information on the Canadian seafood industry, atlases showing where species are harvested or farmed, fact sheets on major species, and a searchable Supplier Database.

Functional Foods and Natural Health Products

Sector overview, reports and a database of suppliers of bioactive ingredients, products and services.


Sector overview, fruits and vegetables, ginseng, honey, and maple products.

Organic Products

Statistics about the organic market, information about organic certification and links to the laws and regulations governing organic production in Canada.

Poultry and Eggs

Poultry and egg market information, historical trends, trade data and import permits, factsheets and publications, federally registered plants and stations, and a list of industry associations.

Processed Food and Beverages

Sector profiles (including bakery products, beverages, cane and beet sugar, processed fruits and vegetables, seasoning and dressing, and snack foods), as well as reports and resources to support an innovative sector responsive to market demands and able to meet regulatory requirements.

Red Meat and Livestock

Livestock and red meat prices, market volumes, imports and exports on a regional and national basis.

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