Crop Logistics Working Group

The Crop Logistics Working Group (CLWG) was comprised of industry representatives from across the supply chain working together to improve the efficiency in how grains move from farm to customer, in Canada and around the globe.

Crop Logistics Working Group 2015

The CLWG was renewed in February 2015 to provide an on-going forum for industry to discuss supply chain challenges and identify ways to improve the crop logistics system over the short, medium and long-term. Its primary focus was to establish common positions across the supply chain as input into the Canada Transportation Act review and Transport Canada's Commodity Supply Chain Table.

The renewed CLWG ran from February 2015 to July 2015. Specifically, the CLWG provided agricultural stakeholders a forum to:

  • Identify common interests and exchange views about issues in support of Transport Canada's Commodity Supply Chain Table.
  • Develop agriculture input into the Canada Transportation Act review, including proposed amendments that could improve the competitiveness of all grain supply chain stakeholders.
  • Discuss and identify possible commercial solutions aimed at enhancing the transparency and effectiveness of the grain handling transportation system.

The working group was chaired by Mr. Murdoch MacKay. The CLWG included representation from across the agriculture sector. CLWG sub-committees were established.

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Crop Logistics Working Group 2011-2014

The CLWG was originally established in 2011 to provide input into the Rail Freight Service Review implementation process; discuss operational changes arising from the transition to marketing freedom; and provide a forum for agricultural stakeholders to exchange information and views on other transportation-related issues. The CLWG fulfilled its original mandate.

In November 2012, the CLWG was given a renewed mandate to continue finding efficiencies and driving costs out of the entire value chain. This second mandate had a focus on innovation, capacity and stakeholder collaboration. The group provided a final report to the Agriculture Minister, with three key recommendations to improve the competitiveness of the crop supply chain.

Crop Logistics Working Group 2012 - Final Report

The 2012 Crop Logistics Working Group's final report examines the challenges and opportunities for the grain sector and makes recommendations to address gaps in the current performance measurement framework for the Grain Handling and Transportation System. The Government responded to the three recommendations by pursuing enhancements to the Grain Monitoring Program; investing $1.5 million in a Pulse Canada led multi-sector collaboration project of the pulse, oilseeds and grains industries to improve supply chain efficiency and reliability; and providing an ongoing forum for representatives across the industry to discuss improvement throughout the supply chain.

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