Initiatives Supporting Crop Producers

Canadian farms provide a diverse range of crops for domestic and international markets. We are committed to creating new opportunities for the crops industry to enable competitiveness, innovation and market development.

Transportation and logistics

Crop Logistics Working Group
Provided a venue for collaboration throughout the supply chain to help improve the efficiency in how grains move from farm to customer, whether in Canada or around the globe.
Grain Handling and Transportation System - Producer Cars
Information about the use of producer cars and the roles of the organizations involved.

Research and development

Wheat and Barley Check-Off
Information about the voluntary check-off applied to wheat and barley grown in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, and the Peace River District of British Columbia to fund new variety research as well as new marketing opportunities.
Canadian Wheat Alliance
Coordinates research and development projects to improve the yield of wheat by reducing losses under extreme weather conditions such as drought, heat, cold and diseases.

Acts and regulations

Order in Council on grain transportation
The Order in Council sets out minimum volumes of grain that Canadian National Railway Company and Canadian Pacific Railway Company are each required to move. The Order, under section 47(1) of the Canada Transportation Act, also requires the railways to report to the Minister of Transport on weekly shipments.
Amendments to the Canada Transportation Act and the Canada Grain Act
In May 2014 Canada Transportation Act and the Canada Grain Act, provided additional measures designed to help the entire grain transportation system reach the goal of getting product to market quickly and more efficiently following a record crop year for Canadian farmers.
Fair Rail Freight Service Act
Information about the Fair Rail Freight Service Act, which encourages railways and shippers to work together.
Crop Variety Registration
Helps ensure the development of new crop varieties which provide improved agronomic performance and reliability for producers, and consistent, if not improved, quality for end-users.

Additional information

Useful External Information Sources
List of links to crop-related organizations.
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