Red meat and livestock supply and disposition reports

This section provides information on livestock supply and disposition, along with other sectoral reports and links.

Total supply of livestock - Canada (thousands of head)
2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Cattle - January to June 16,470.6 16,474.7 16,376.60 15,618.90 15,646.0 15,650.30
Cattle - July to December 15,161.0 15,206.6 15,055.0 14,707.70 14,739.5 -
Hogs - January to June 27,296.2 26,983.8 26,829.8 27,891 28,456.4 29,034.8
Hogs - July to December 27,397.7 26,846.0 27,191.9 28,565.6 28,485.2 -
Sheep and lambs - January to June 1,662.0 1,659.6 1,639.3 1,601.6 1,576.4 1,546.6
Sheep and lambs - July to December 1,413.3 1,397.8 1,363.9 1,331.3 1,301.6 -
Source: Statistics Canada

Links to various reports provided by Statistics Canada:

1 - Production

Links to production reports:

2 - Stocks and food availability

Links to stocks and food availability reports:

3 - Supply and disposition

Links to supply and disposition reports:

4 - Value of production

Links to value of production reports:

Other reports with supply and disposition information:

Supply comparision by species between Canada and the United States
Reports display Canadian and American annual inventory, slaughter, production, imports, exports hog/pork, sheep/lamb, cattle/beef.
Sources: Statistics Canada, USDA

Monthly bison market and supply update
Report displays Canada, United States bison inventory and number of farms, slaughter, carcass weights, exports and pricing.
Links to the Canadian Bison Association's website which hosts the monthly bison market reports.

Annual game report by species in Canada
Report displays slaughter, imports and exports of deer, elk, bison, wild boar, rabbits, musk ox, caribou/reindeer.
Source: CFIA and provincial governments

Rabbit industry at a glance
Report displays slaughter, consumption, prices, inventory (Canada and United States), imports and exports of rabbits.

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