Processed Food and Beverages Sector

Food and beverage processing is the second largest manufacturing industry in Canada in terms of value of production, and is the largest buyer of Canadian agricultural products. It is a key economic sector.

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Industry overview
Get an overview of the Canadian processed food and beverages industry and its significance for Canada.

Get information and statistic about a range of processed food and beverages industries, including bakery, snack foods, beer and soft drink.

Trends and market opportunities
Learn about emerging trends, consumer preferences and market opportunities for the food processing sector.

Navigating through food regulatory requirements
Access resources that help industry navigate the relevant regulatory approval processes, including scientific substantiation, for innovative food products.

Spirit Drinks Trade Act Compliance and Enforcement Policy
The Spirit Drinks Trade Act (SDTA) Compliance and Enforcement Policy provides guidance on the legislative requirements regarding the use of names of certain spirit drinks of foreign countries, as well as the range of options available to achieve compliance. It also provides a complete list of the protected spirit drink names.

Request for Protection of a Geographical Indication

International Agri-Food Market Intelligence
Learn about global agriculture and food opportunities and trends in your market of interest.

Engagement with the food processing industry
Learn about collaboration between industry and government through the Food Processing Industry Roundtable. It is working to help improve the competitiveness of the sector in the global marketplace by focusing on economics, innovation, market access and the regulatory environment.

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Additional information

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2012 - Canada (Statistics Canada)
This provides a description of the Classification System and, in particular, how the food and beverage industries are defined and further subdivided within the Classification.

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