AAHAR Food & Hospitality Show

New Delhi, March 12-16, 2019

AAHAR is the largest trade fair for the Food and Hospitality sector in India, with 2 concurrent exhibitions:

Since 2010, the High Commission of Canada in New Delhi, in collaboration with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and several Canadian provinces, is pleased to invite you to showcase Canadian products at AAHAR. At the show, you will network with India’s food industry leaders, while promoting products to business visitors from all key food sectors, including:

Why participate?

India’s growing population

With over 1.3 billion people and rising per-capita income levels, rapidly expanding manufacturing and service sectors, and a growing consumer market makes India a tremendous opportunity for Canadian exporters and investors.

Meet the needs of Indian consumers

Indian consumers are increasingly seeking products that offer convenience. Packaged and processed food sales continue to grow at a remarkable pace, including ready-to-eat meals, processed cereals, bakery items, canned food, sauces, and condiments. A health-conscious trend is creating demand for dietary supplements and fortified food products as well.

Opportunities for expansion and growth

India’s growing Hotel Restaurant Institution sector shows great potential and demand for high-value food products such as processed fruit and fresh and frozen seafood.

India aspires to be an Agri-Food production hub in Asia and to be considered an important player on the regional and international agriculture stage.

India boasts the fastest growing retail segment in Asia importing 20% of retail-carried products.

Opportunities for Canadians

Edible oils are India’s largest imported food category, providing opportunity for Canadian supply of healthy alternatives such as canola, sunflower and mustard oils, replacing the current reliance on palm-oil products. Additionally, the Canada Brand is trusted by Indian consumers, representing a tasty, healthy, safe, nutritious, and environmentally-friendly choice.

AAHAR trade show program elements

Canadian representation needed

Pricing for Canadian participation:

Participants are responsible for their own travel costs, accommodation, and local transportation. Participation costs are based on the size of booth-space reserved in the Canadian Pavilion at AAHAR:

For further information please contact india.commerce@international.gc.ca.

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