Agricultural Trade = $5.7 Billion in 2012

Let's Keep a Good Thing Growing!

California exported $3.8 billion to Canada, including:

  • $1.4B in fruits and nuts (including $255M in strawberries)
  • $927M in vegetables and legumes
  • $397M in alcoholic beverages
  • $126M in breads and pastries
  • $109M in prepared fruits and nuts (including $53M in prepared pistachios)

California imported $1.9 billion from Canada, including:

  • $381M in canola meal
  • $194M in fresh/frozen beef
  • $189M in canola oil
  • $146M in breads and pastries (including $25M in waffles and wafers)
  • $90M in fresh/frozen pork

California's top agricultural export markets:

  • Canada: 18%
  • Japan: 11%
  • Mexico: 10%
  • Hong Kong: 7%
  • Republic of Korea: 6%

A Strong Partnership in Trade:

Canada purchased $21 billion in U.S. agriculture and agri-food products in 2012. California benefitted from this strong relationship in 2012 by exporting $3.8 billion in agriculture and agri-food products to Canada. To help reduce barriers to trade, lower costs and create economic opportunities, the Regulatory Cooperation Council and Beyond the Border Action Plans were released in December 2011. Increased regulatory cooperation will support U.S.-Canada trade in agriculture and agri-food products, contribute to job creation, and provide a greater variety of safe, high-quality food products for consumers.  

Trade with Canada = Jobs in California

  • Approximately 932,000 jobs in California depend on trade with Canada.

All currency is in U.S. dollars and based on 2012 data (as of July 2013). All export figures do not include re-export values. Trade values are approximate and have been rounded where/when appropriate. Fertilizers, farm machinery and seafood are not included in the definition of agricultural trade. Commodity categories are based on the internationally standardized Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS codes). Wherein a single commodity is 90 percent or more of an HS group, the specific commodity is named.

M = Million
Data source: Statistics Canada
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