Agricultural Trade = $6.2 billion in 2013

Let's Keep a Good Thing Growing!

California exported $4.1 billion to Canada, including:

  • $1.4B in fruits and nuts (including $251M in strawberries)
  • $1.1B in vegetables and legumes
  • $434M in alcoholic beverages (including $399M in wine)
  • $131M in prepared fruits and nuts
  • $115M in breads and pastries

California imported $2.1 billion from Canada, including:

  • $443M in canola meal
  • $188M in fresh/frozen beef
  • $173M in canola oil
  • $168M in breads and pastries (including $28M in waffles and wafers)
  • $108M in fresh/frozen pork

California's top agriculture and agri-food export markets:

  • Canada: 17%
  • Japan: 9%
  • Mexico: 9%
  • Hong Kong: 7%
  • China: 7%

A Strong Partnership in Trade:

Canada is California's top agricultural export market, with a total of $6.2 billion in bilateral agricultural trade in 2013. Canada imported $1.4 billion in fruit and nuts as well as over $1.1 billion in vegetables and legumes from California. Meanwhile, California imported $2.1 billion in agricultural products from Canada including $443 million in canola meal (often used for animal feed) which helped make California cows more productive and the California dairy industry more profitable. The California-Canada and U.S.-Canada trading relationships are increasingly important as trade and integration mutually strengthens our competitive position within the changing global marketplace.

Trade with Canada = 1,121,300 Jobs in California

M = Million
Data source: Statistics Canada
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