Industry, Markets and Trade

As Canada's agricultural trade advocate, we play an important role in breaking down trade barriers at home and abroad, and expanding business opportunities for the agriculture and agri-food sector. We help the sector identify new prospects and markets. We also aim to help farmers and businesses increase their productivity, competitiveness and prosperity.

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Canada has concluded negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Learn more about its benefits for Canada’s agriculture sector.

Agri-Food Trade Service

Explore what tools and key insight we can provide to help you identify export opportunities and develop new markets.

Upcoming trade events

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Statistics and Market Information
Statistics on Canadian agricultural industries, exports and imports. Information on opportunities in domestic and foreign markets.

Trade Events
Events that promote food and other agricultural products. Information and tips about taking part in trade shows.

Branding (Canada Brand)
Resources and tools to differentiate Canadian food and agriculture products, and provide a competitive advantage to the sector in the global marketplace.

Canadian Food (eatCanadian)
Information for consumers on Canada’s food and agriculture sector, the advantages of Canadian food, and how to accurately identify Canadian food at the grocery store.

Exporting and Buying from Canada
Support services, guides, programs and directories.

Information about how Canada is working to implement a national system to trace livestock and poultry through the supply chain.

Agri-Food Trade Policy
Information about global agricultural trade policy, including Canada's input in on-going trade negotiations and domestic talks that are currently underway.

Value Chain Roundtables
Information on market priorities, strategies and research for the beef, food processing, grains, horticulture, organics, pork, pulses, seafood, seed, sheep and special crops sectors.

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