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Gerry Ritz and his provincial and territorial counterparts in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Agriculture Ministers Focus on Emerging Opportunities for a Growing Sector of Canada’s Economy

Federal Agriculture and Agri-Food Minister Gerry Ritz and his provincial and territorial counterparts at the annual meeting of Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Agriculture in Winnipeg. Ministers focused discussions on creating opportunities for a dynamic agriculture and agri-food sector in Canada.

Man with machine in a field

Agri-Innovators Committee Final Report Makes Recommendations to Advance Sector Innovation

The industry group looked at impediments to the advancement of innovation and recommends concerted action in four key areas: regulatory reform, investment climate, public-private collaboration and entrepreneurial culture.

cow eating grass

Grass Fed Beef

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada researchers are developing new grass and legume mixtures for cattle forage to improve the quality of meat and growth results. Learn about the initial successes of this project.

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