Poultry and egg sector

Canada's poultry and egg industry is mainly composed of the following sectors: chicken, ducks and geese, hatching eggs, table and processed eggs, and turkey.

As the chicken, broiler hatching eggs, turkey, and egg sectors operate under supply management, each sector has its own national agency responsible for its orderly production and marketing in Canada.

Services and information

  • Industry overview
    Get an overview of the Canadian poultry and egg industry and its significance for Canada.
  • Statistics and market information
    Find a variety of detailed statistics, data and market information on the Canadian poultry and egg industry, related to hatcheries, grading of eggs, farming revenues and expenses, condemnations, slaughter and processing, storage stocks, market indicators, prices, and imports and exports, by species and type of reports.
  • International Agri-Food Market Intelligence
    Learn about global agriculture and food opportunities and trends in your market of interest.
  • Livestock Traceability
    Information about how Canada is working to implement a national system to trace livestock and poultry through the supply chain.
  • Engagement with the poultry industry
    Learn about industry and government collaboration through the Poultry Sustainability Value Chain.

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