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Effect of soil acidification on nitrification in soil.

Zebarth, B.J., Forge, T.A., Goyer, C., and Brin, L. (2015). "Effect of soil acidification on nitrification in soil.", Canadian Journal of Soil Science, 95(4), pp. 359-363. doi : 10.4141/CJSS-2015-040  Access to full text


This laboratory experiment examined the effect of elemental S-induced variation in soil pH (3.97–5.29) on nitrification enzyme activity and conversion of NH4+ to NO3-. Nitrification rate generally decreased with decreasing soil pH, but still proceeded rapidly within the pH range (4.5 to 5.2) recommended for blueberry production, contrary to what is generally assumed. Keywords: Blueberry, Vaccinium corymbosum, sulphur, nitrifier

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