AAC Indus soft white spring wheat.

Randhawa, H.S., Graf, R.J., and Sadasivaiah, R.S. (2015). "AAC Indus soft white spring wheat.", Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 95(4), pp. 793-797. doi : 10.4141/cjps-2015-026  Access to full text


AAC Indus is a soft white spring wheat (Triticum aestivumL.) cultivar that meets the end-use quality specifications of the Canada Western Soft White Spring (CWSWS) class. AAC Indus is adapted to the irrigated wheat-growing regions of southern Alberta and southern Saskatchewan, and for dryland production in the western prairies. AAC Indus had higher (P≤0.05) grain yield under dryland conditions than all of the check cultivars. AAC Indus exhibited excellent straw strength and was 2 d later in maturity. AAC Indus exhibited good levels of resistance to the prevalent races of stripe rust and powdery, mildew and intermediate reactions to kernel black point and leaf rust. AAC Indus was susceptible to stem rust, common bunt, loose smut and Fusarium head blight.

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