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AAC Tenacious red spring wheat.

Brown, P.D., Randhawa, H.S., Mitchell Fetch, J.W., Meiklejohn, M., Fox, S.L., Humphreys, D.G., Green, D.A., Wise, I.L., Fetch Jr., T.G., Gilbert, J., McCallum, B.D., and Menzies, J.G. (2015). "AAC Tenacious red spring wheat.", Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 95(4), pp. 805-810. doi : 10.4141/cjps-2015-011  Access to full text


AAC Tenacious, an orange wheat blossom midge (Sitodiplosis mosellana Géhin) tolerant hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.), combined good agronomic performance with excellent resistance to Fusarium head blight, leaf rust, stem rust, stripe rust, common bunt, loose smut, and preharvest sprouting. AAC Tenacious had similar maturity, acceptable straw strength, and higher test weight as compared with the check cultivars 5700PR and 5701PR. Based on end-use quality analyses, AAC Tenacious has excellent quality for the Canada Prairie Spring Red wheat market class.

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