Dual-enzymatic modification of maize starch for increasing slow digestion property.

Miao, M., Xiong, S., Jiang, B., Jiang, H., Cui, S.W., and Zhang, T. (2014). "Dual-enzymatic modification of maize starch for increasing slow digestion property.", Food Hydrocolloids, 38, pp. 180-185. doi : 10.1016/j.foodhyd.2013.12.006  Access to full text


Maize starch was modified using β-amylase and transglucosidase and their molecular fine structure and in vitro digestibility were investigated. By dual-enzymes treatment, the molecule weight decreased, the amount of short chains and α-1, 6 linkages increased. This indicated that α-1,4 linkage of starch was cleaved and non-reducing D-glucosyl residues of maltose was transferred to forming α-1,6 branch linkage. A maximum SDS content (33.5%) was obtained using double enzymes hydrolysis for 6 h compared to native starch. Both the increase in amount of shortened chain length and α-1,6 linkage were likely attributed to slow digestion property of starch. The results suggested that starches using combined β-amylase and transglucosidase treatment produced new branched structures with slowly digestible character.

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