‘SPC207’ (Starblush™): a new blush sweet cherry from Summerland.

Hampson, C.R., Kappel, F., MacDonald, R.A., and McKenzie, D.-L. (2013). "‘SPC207’ (Starblush™): a new blush sweet cherry from Summerland.", Acta Horticulturae (ISHS), 976, pp. 129-131.


‘SPC207’ (Starblush™) is a large-fruited, self-fertile blush cherry that ripens later than ‘Rainier’, ‘13N0770’ (Stardust™) or ‘Lapins’. The fruit is heart-shaped, with medium to long stems, and firm flesh. The trees are vigorous and somewhat upright in growth habit. In our tests ‘SPC207’ had low levels of natural (raininduced) splitting. Crop levels are medium to high. Flavour is medium to good after storage and pitting is only slight. Bloom time of ‘SPC207’ is after ‘Rainier’ but before ‘13N0770’ (Stardust™). The cultivar is being released to extend the harvest season for blush sweet cherries.

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