AAC Synergy barley.

Legge, W.G., Tucker, J.R., Fetch Jr., T.G., Haber, S.M., Menzies, J.G., Tekauz, A., Turkington, T.K., and Savard, M.E. (2014). "AAC Synergy barley.", Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 94(4), pp. 797-803. doi : 10.4141/cjps2013-307  Access to full text


AAC Synergy is a hulled two-row spring malting barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) cultivar with high yield and is widely adapted to western Canada. Developed from the cross TR02267/Newdale made in 2002, AAC Synergy was evaluated in the Western Cooperative Two-row Barley Registration Test (2009–2010) and the Collaborative Malting Barley Trials (2010–2011) conducted by the malting and brewing industry before being registered in 2012. AAC Synergy's excellent combination of agronomic traits, disease resistance and desirable malting quality traits should make it a useful cultivar for producers and the malting and brewing industry.

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