AAC Bailey hard red spring wheat.

DePauw, R.M., Knox, R.E., Cuthbert, R.D., Singh, A.K., and McCaig, T.N. (2014). "AAC Bailey hard red spring wheat.", Canadian Journal of Plant Science, 94(1), pp. 175-181. doi : 10.4141/cjps2013-252  Access to full text


AAC Bailey hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) had grain yield within the range of the checks with maturity significantly earlier than the mean of the checks. The quantity of protein of AAC Bailey was significantly less than Lillian but gluten strength was stronger than Lillian as measured by farinograph. AAC Bailey is eligible for grades of Canada Western Red Spring. AAC Bailey expressed resistance to prevalent races of leaf rust and stem rust, moderate resistance to common bunt, and moderate susceptibility to loose smut. AAC Bailey frequently had lower fusarium head blight disease index and lower deoxynivalenol concentration than Lillian and Laura.

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