Genetic diversity of group A rotavirus in swine from Canada.

Lachapelle, V., Sohal, J.S., Lambert, M.-C., Brassard, J., Letellier, A., Fravalo, P., and L’Homme, Y. (2014). "Genetic diversity of group A rotavirus in swine from Canada.", Archives of Virology, 159(7), pp. 1771-1779. doi : 10.1007/s00705-013-1951-9  Access to full text


Group A rotaviruses (RVA) in pigs have been poorly investigated in Canada. In a continued effort to fill this gap, ten finisher swine farms in Quebec, Canada, were sampled over a nine-month period. The presence of RVA was detected in healthy pigs on all farms investigated during the entire sampling period. The genotypes detected included G2, G5, G9 and G11; P[6], P[7], P[13], P[27] and P[34]; and I5 and I14. The predominant types were G2, P[13] and I5, which is different from previous global reports. Various fomites were consistently contaminated by RVA, suggesting that a resident viral flora remains in the farm environment and may play a role in the infection of incoming pigs. The results also suggest temporal or geographical specificities regarding strain distribution on pig farms.

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