Structural and physico-chemical property relationships of cruciferin homohexamers.

Withana-Gamage, T.S., Hegedus, D.D., Qiu, X., McIntosh, T.C., and Wanasundara, J.P.D. (2013). "Structural and physico-chemical property relationships of cruciferin homohexamers.", Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 61(24), pp. 5848-5859. doi : 10.1021/jf400559x  Access to full text


Heteromeric cruciferin from wild type (WT) Arabidopsis thaliana and homomeric cruciferin CRUA, CRUB, and CRUC composed of identical subunits obtained from double-knockout mutant lines were investigated for their structural and physicochemical properties. A three-step chromatographic procedure allowed isolation of intact cruciferin hexamers with high purity (>95%). FT-IR and CD analysis of protein secondary structure composition revealed that all cruciferins were folded into higher order structures consisting of 44–50% β-sheets and 7–9% α-helices. The structural and physicochemical properties of homohexameric CRUC deviated from that of CRUA and CRUB and exhibited a compact, thermostable, and less hydrophobic structure, confirming the predictions made using 3D homology structure models.

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