Postharvest profile of a Solo variety ‘Frangi’ during ripening at ambient temperature.

Ong, M.K., Forney, C.F., Alderson, P.G., and Ali, A. (2013). "Postharvest profile of a Solo variety ‘Frangi’ during ripening at ambient temperature.", Scientia Horticulturae, 160(27), pp. 12-19. doi : 10.1016/j.scienta.2013.05.026  Access to full text


Changes in physical, chemical properties and antioxidant levels during postharvest ripening of ‘Frangi’ papaya (Carica papaya L.) were studied over a period of eight days after harvest. In general, a significant increase in weight loss (2.5–8%), lightness value (49.54–63.1), chroma (32.3–59.3), soluble solids concentration (7.9–17.6%), ascorbic acid content (169–322 mg 100 g1 fresh weight (FW)), total phenolic content (0.515–0.686 mg GAE (gallic acid equivalents) g1 FW), ethylene production (5.83–81.3 μl kg1 h1), respiration rate (24.5–59.0 ml CO2 kg1 h1), β-carotene (0.045–0.201 mg 100 g1 FW) and lycopene content (0.08–0.244 mg 100 g1 FW) was observed during storage, whereas there were a reduction in titratable acidity (0.162–0.075%), firmness (108–7.7 N) and hue angle (157–96.8°). ‘Frangi’ papaya particularly after 4 days of ambient storage showed improved antioxidant activity (0.32–1.55 mM Fe(II) g1 FW).

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