Lepidoptera family-group names proposed by thaddeus William Harris in 1841.

Lafontaine, J.D. and Schmidt, B.C. (2013). "Lepidoptera family-group names proposed by thaddeus William Harris in 1841.", ZooKeys, 264(Spec. Issue), pp. 219-226. doi : 10.3897/zookeys.264.4442  Access to full text


In 1841, T. W. Harris published “A Report on the Insects of Massachusetts, Injurious to Vegetation,” a seminal work in North American Entomology and one of the first New World publications to describe Lepidoptera species. Although appearing in several subsequent editions, the eight family-group names proposed by Harris were largely overlooked. In summarizing Harris’ family-group names, we show that authorship for two Noctuidae names in current usage require changes: Acronictinae Harris, 1841 (originally as Acronyctadae) has priority over Heinemann, 1859, and Agrotini Harris, 1841 (as Agrotitidae) has priority over Rambur, 1848. Mamestradae Harris, 1841 is also a senior synonym of Mamestrinae Hampson, 1902 (Type genus: Mamestra Ochsenheimer, 1816), an available name that is currently a junior subjective synonym of Noctuidae: Noctuinae: Hadenini Guenée, 1837 (Type genus: Hadena Schrank, 1802). Geometridae: Ennominae: Hyberniini Harris, 1841 (as Hyberniadae), based on Erranis Hübner, [1825] (= Hybernia Berthold, 1827), has precedence over two family-group names with long-standing usage, Bistonini Stephens, 1850 and Boarmiini Duponchel, 1845, and a reversal of precedence for the latter two names over Hyberniini is proposed under ICZN guidelines.

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