Preparation of a high-immunoglobulin product from bovine colostrum.

Neave, H.W., Vickers, L., and Veira, D.M. (2013). "Preparation of a high-immunoglobulin product from bovine colostrum.", Animal Feed Science and Technology, 179(1-4), pp. 133-137. doi : 10.1016/j.anifeedsci.2012.11.007  Access to full text


An effective colostrum management programme is the most important factor in determining the health and survival of the neonatal calf. Commercially available colostrum replacers (CR) and colostrum supplements (CS) are an alternative to colostrum on farms that do not have an adequate, high-quality colostrum supply, or those farms that want to prevent transmission of disease from cow to calf. The present study aimed to obtain a high immunoglobulin (Ig), dried bovine colostrum product that could be used as a CR or CS for dairy calves. Dried whey was made from 6 batches of colostrum and an additional 6 batches were used to produce dried whey and curds. Dried whey had higher IgG concentration (P<0.05) and lactose (P<0.05), and less fat (P<0.05) compared to curds or the original colostrum. There was a strong linear relationship between initial colostrum IgG concentration and whey (R2 = 0.86) with approximately 0.45 of the initial colostral IgG residing in curd. The high IgG and the composition of colostrum whey powder suggests it could be an effective CS product for use with dairy calves. The high fat and IgG content of the curd by-product indicate that it might be a potential weaning supplement in piglets or even a product for human consumption.

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