Probiotic Milk Supplementation with Pea Flour: Microbial and Physical Properties.

Zare, F., Boye, J.I., Champagne, C.P., Orsat, V., and Simpson, B.K. (2013). "Probiotic Milk Supplementation with Pea Flour: Microbial and Physical Properties.", Food and Bioprocess Technology, 6(5), pp. 1321-1331. doi : 10.1007/s11947-012-0828-3  Access to full text


The effect of skim milk probiotic (L. rhamnosus AD200) fermented beverage supplementation with 1-3 % (w/v) pea flour (PF) or skim milk powder (SM) on acid production, microbial growth, physical properties (pH, syneresis, and color), and rheological properties (dynamic oscillation temperature sweep test at 4-50 °C) after production and during 28-day storage was studied. Acid production and microbial populations (CFU) were enhanced after production and 28-day storage especially for 3 % PF-supplemented sample. The average pH in all samples decreased from 4.5 to 4.04 over 28 days of storage. Syneresis in 1-3 % PF-supplemented probiotic was significantly lower than all other samples. PF supplementation slightly changed the color by increasing yellowness in the final product. PF-supplemented (1-3 %) probiotic fermented milk showed higher storage (G') and loss (G'') moduli in comparison with samples supplemented with 1-3 % SM and the non-supplemented control.

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