Functional Genomics - Transcriptomics in Soybean.

Dhaubhadel, S., Marsolais, F., Tedman-Jones, J., and Gijzen, M. (2010). "Functional Genomics - Transcriptomics in Soybean.", in Bilyeu, K., Ratnaparkhe, M., and Kole, C. (eds.) - Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Soybean. Series: Genetics, Genomics and Breeding of Crop Plants, Science Publishers and CRC Press, Chapter 9, pp. 199-222.


Transcriptomics is a new area of research that exploits advances in technology and computing to perform large scale gene expression analyses. The development of a wide variety of tools such as microarray and tag-based platforms has facilitated the study of genes that are associated with a specific treatment or developmental state in soybean. The primary goal of a global gene expression analysis is to characterize transcriptional regulatory networks underlying a biological process or response which can be employed for soybean improvement through biotechnology.

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