‘Jeanne d'Orléans’ Red Raspberry.

Khanizadeh, S., Deschênes, M., Dubé, C., Tsao, R., Gauthier, L., and Gosselin, A. (2010). "‘Jeanne d'Orléans’ Red Raspberry.", HortScience, 45(8), pp. 1283-1285.


‘Jeanne d’Orléns’ is a new late-season, floricane-fruiting red raspberry cultivar (Rubus idaeus L.) released by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Horticulture Research and Development Center. Results from replicated trials in L’Acadie show ‘Jeanne d’Orléns’ has larger and firmer fruits (Fig. 1) that have an excellent shelf life and higher soluble solids compared with the commercial cultivars in this study. ‘Jeanne d’Orléns’ also has higher antioxidants than commercially grown raspberries in Québec (Ehsani- Moghaddam and Sullivan, 2008; Khanizadeh et al., 2009). The selection was named after Mrs. Jeanne Delisle, a pioneer of small fruit cultivation and development with Les Fraises de l’îe d’Orléns Inc. lîe’Orléns is an island located 20 km east of Québec City known for the production of high-quality small fruits, including red raspberry. Its economy is based mainly on agricultural production, particularly vegetable crops and small fruit crops. This island is also known as the capital of strawberry production in Québec and is recognized for its production of high-quality fruits.

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