What's New for Canadian Milk, Cheese and Yogurt?

Although dairy products are already healthy and tasty, Canadian scientists have found new ways to make them even better for us, by reducing the amounts of simple sugars, salts and artificial additives. These new products also have more antioxidants and even omega-3 fatty acids.

The challenge now? To ensure that these nutrient-packed, extra-healthy Canadian dairy products have the same great taste and texture as the standard dairy products found on shelves today.

The research team at the Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre is looking to create the next generation of dairy products that add nutritional value without compromising on taste. On the pathway to cultivating these dairy products, scientists are examining milk separation technologies, characterizing milk fractions, and formulating processed food with health enhancing properties.

The end results could yield impressive hard and soft cheeses, as well as exceptional yogurt products for Canadians to enjoy.

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