Naked Ambition for Innovative Oats

As the world’s largest oat exporter, it’s no wonder Canada leads the way in oat innovation.

One of the most amazing accomplishments comes from scientists at the Ottawa Research and Development Centre, who have made significant improvements on oats, breeding a truly 'naked' variety - an oat whose seeds have unusual paper thin protective coverings of hull that fall off at harvest, and also have fewer fine protective hairs. Not having to remove the hulls and hairs before consumption means that the oat requires less processing, and is a whole-grain that can be used directly as an ingredient in food.

The world’s first truly naked oat variety, AC Gehl, is currently being grown in Canada as a premium oat product that cooks like rice, but with twice the protein, high antioxidant content, and a low glycemic index, making it ideal for people with diabetes. This variety is also being used in nutrition bars for horses by a livestock feed company.

And the uses won’t end there. From food, to premium personal care products, to livestock feed, we’re just starting to realize the potential of naked oats.

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