More Than Just a Few Good Eggs

It was back in the 1940s that Canada first began exporting eggs, supplying them to the United Kingdom by the millions.

Today, our customers are a lot more diverse, and so are our products. In 2016, more than the equivalent of 15 million dozen eggs were shipped out of Canada in the form of processed eggs, which are essential for manufacturing foods products such as mayonnaise, noodles, baked goods, pet foods and more. Canadian eggs are also being used to manufacture shampoo, adhesives and other non-food products.

Why are Canadian eggs so popular? Customers can have full faith in the quality and safety of Canadian eggs. For example, Canadian laying hens are not treated with hormones. And Canadian egg farmers adhere to the rigorous Start Clean-Stay Clean program, complying with internationally recognized safety standards.

There are a lot of good reasons Canadian eggs are a product of choice around the world — and right here at home.

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