Little Berry, Big Impact

There's nothing new about the blueberry: this tasty member of the Ericaceae family has been enjoyed for thousands of years in North America; but did you know this little berry can have big benefits for your health?

As its name suggests, the blueberry is rich in blue pigments called anthocyanins. Regular consumption of anthocyanins is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological decline and may help in weight management. The link between blueberries and human health is being researched all around the world, helping us learn even more about the potential health benefits that come from adding this fruit to a balanced diet.

Focused on the future, Canadian researchers are trying to help consumers enjoy these delicious and healthy treats outside of the normal growing season. The team at the Kentville Research and Development Centre has developed a storage system to extend the shelf life of cultivated blueberry crops by as much as eight weeks.

These researchers continue to study the profile of the blueberry to learn more about how it reacts to storage and processing, and just how they impact the nutritional power of the berry.

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