Keeping Cabbage Ahead

Ask anyone what the signature dish of Korea is, and they'll all tell you the same thing… kimchi! This spicy fermented cabbage dish is a staple in most Korean diets, and demand for it is always high.

Now, most people prefer semi-fermented kimchi, which has a shortened shelf life. A Canadian research team is helping to change that. Scientists have come up with an innovative way to increase the shelf life of kimchi without sacrificing taste.

A team from the Saint-Hyacinthe Research and Development Centre, together with Caldwell BioFermentation Canada, has developed a new technology that extends the fermentation process of the product by adding a starter mix of different bacterial and yeast strains. The result? One batch of kimchi now goes from a shelf life of a month to almost a year, without pasteurization or adding any preservatives! That noise you are hearing is applause from millions of happy people enjoying their distinctly Canadian kimchi!

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