Feeding Pigs for a Cleaner Environment

We all know that the right diet is essential for overall health. But did you know that animals with a customized diet have more efficient digestion, which allows them to grow to an optimal weight and have lower impacts on the environment?

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) scientists, working with international partners, have developed a precision feeding system for pigs. Usually, pigs are fed in groups, all with the same diet. The new precision feeding system provides to each pig exactly the feed it needs daily, based on its size and growth rate. Each day, the pigs are monitored by the system, and advanced computerized technologies calculate for each animal the required nutrients and optimal daily feed.

While this new feeding system saves on feeding costs, it is also beneficial for the environment. By giving each pig the exact amount of nutrients it needs, it can lower nitrogen, phosphorous, and other pollutants from manure by more than 40%.

A well-fed pork means a healthier environment!

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