A Real Turnip for the Books

Some Canadian-produced vegetables might not always receive the many kudos they deserve, but that doesn’t stop them from being an important part of our agriculture and agri-food industry.

Take the terrific turnip. That’s right, the turnip. Not wowed? Don’t turnip your nose just yet! It's what this underrated root vegetable stands for that’s impressive. Oh sure, potatoes and tomatoes get all the press, but turnips and other vegetables also contribute hundreds of millions of dollars to the Canadian economy every year.

A lot goes into growing the perfect turnip. Our varied climate and technological advances have produced a thriving greenhouse sub-sector for turnips and some of the most advanced storage and packaging solutions in the world.

All this shows that Canada's vegetable industry is an innovative and (ahem) growing sector producing consistently wholesome, scrumptious, fresh and nutritious additions to any dinner plate.

Now, how do you like them turnips?

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