About the Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre

Aerial view of Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre field plots

The Centre's headquarters site is at Carberry, and satellite sites are at Portage la Prairie and Winkler.

The Carberry site

The Carberry site is located on a half section of excellent agricultural land (mostly Wellwood and Ramada clay loam and loam) at the junction of Highways #1 and #5.

Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre headquarters building at Carberry, Manitoba

Buildings include an office-lab-classroom complex, a large building for sample processing, shop work, and storage, a chemical storage and handling building, a machine storage building, and grain bins. Equipment for most operations is owned, while some field and research operations are contracted out or conducted by project cooperators. An advanced irrigation system has been installed which permits irrigation of approximately 70 hectares of land, using three pivot irrigators and two linear-move systems well-adapted to meet the needs of irrigation research trials. This capability is unique to Canada-Manitoba Crop Diversification Centre (CMCDC) in Manitoba, so the Centre attracts most research in Manitoba requiring good irrigation control.

The Portage la Prairie site

The Portage la Prairie site was previously an Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Branch sub-station. It has an office-lab-workshop building, a chemical storage and handling building, a large machine storage building, and a small greenhouse. Two linear-move field irrigators and an irrigation water supply system were set up to irrigate much of the land base of over one-quarter section, mostly good quality clay loam.

The Winkler field site

The Winkler field site consists of approximately 16 hectares of sandy loam land, with a linear-move field irrigator. Most field and plot operations are carried out by a local seasonal technician and staff from the Portage la Prairie site; other services are contracted locally.

The three CMCDC sites are strategically located in three areas of Manitoba with high-value crop production potential (including irrigation) and a range of representative soils. Although conditions in Western and Eastern Manitoba are not represented, the Centre is affiliated with three provincial diversification centres located in those areas, for purposes of planning and coordination of its crop diversification initiatives.


AAFC provides four staff positions dedicated full-time to CMCDC - the Centre Manager, Potato Agronomist, Office Administrator, and Portage Site Supervisor.

Manitoba provides one full-time on-site positions at Carberry - the Irrigation Specialist. Manitoba also dedicates portions of off-site Provincial Specialists time to CMCDC programs.

Manitoba Horticulture Productivity Enhancement Centre (MHPEC) provides one full-time staff position (Carberry Site Farm Supervisor), approximately twelve seasonal support staff, and casual seasonal labour.

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