Photo Album - Canadian Cattle Identification Agency Headquarters

Government of Canada Announces Further Investment into Livestock Traceability System

Calgary, Alberta, March 11, 2011

A new investment of more than $1.6 million will allow the Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) to continue to implement an effective traceability system to track the movement of livestock and give Canadian producers a competitive edge in the marketplace. Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and Member of Parliament Devinder Shory (Calgary-Northeast) made the announcement today.

Minister Ritz at the Canadian cattle Identification Agency (CCIA).

"A national traceability system is a win-win for Canadian producers, the value chain, and consumers," said Minister Ritz. "The Canadian Cattle Identification Agency is helping to develop a world-class system and today's investment will allow it to keep working full steam ahead on initiatives that will help secure Canada's reputation for having safe and high-quality food."

Dr. Pat Burrage and Minister Ritz

"The results of Phase Two will be outlined in a business case that identifies issues, opportunities, costs and performance to evaluate the impact of fully automated RFID systems at the auction markets as well as buying stations and assembly yards," says Darcy Eddleston, chair of CCIA. "CCIA works closely with the Government to help implement a traceability program that is strong, credible and meets the needs of industry."

MP Shory, Minister Ritz, Brian Carey (emcee), MP Dreeshen, Dr. Pat Burrage.

The CCIA has been working closely with auction marts across the country to test multiple cost-effective Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems that can track the movement of livestock. With the bulk of this new investment, the CCIA will continue to work on Phase Two and explore the feasibility and benefits of linking the RFID system to the auction mart's existing computer systems. Linking these two systems would help auction marts track livestock and sales data, by creating an integrated management tool.