Growing Forward 2

Growing Forward 2 (GF2) is a five-year (2013-2018) policy framework for Canada's agricultural and agri-food sector. GF2 is a $3 billion dollar investment by federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) governments and the foundation for government agricultural programs and services.

GF2 programs will focus on innovation, competitiveness and market development to ensure Canadian producers and processors have the tools and resources they need to continue to innovate and capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

In addition, an effective suite of Business Risk Management (BRM) programs which includes AgriInvest, AgriStability, AgriInsurance, and AgriRecovery will help farmers in managing risk due to severe market volatility and disaster situations. Through AgriRisk Initiatives, governments will also help the industry in its efforts to research, develop and implement new agricultural risk management tools.

Federal Programs

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada administers three broad federal programs with $1 billion under GF2 aimed at generating market-based economic growth in the agricultural sector.

Cost-Shared Programs Delivered by Provincial and Territorial Governments

The investment under GF2 includes $2 billion (an increase of 50% from Growing Forward) for cost-shared programs on a 60:40 basis delivered by provinces and territories, to ensure programs are tailored to meet regional needs.

To find out more about programs and services offered by your provincial or territorial government, visit their website:


Growing Forward 2

Contact Information

For more information on federal GF2 programs, please call 1-877-246-4682.

To request a copy of the complete policy framework, or one of the federal-provincial/territorial agreements, please contact the Public Information Request Services.

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