About us

We work with farmers and food producers to support the growth and development of the agriculture and agri-food sector. Our policies, programs, research and technology help them succeed in Canadian and global markets.

Learn more about our minister and their leadership team, how our department is organized and the policies that help to shape our programs and activities.

Read this section to learn more about our Minister and their leadership team, how our Department is organized, and the policies that help to shape our programs and activities.


Services and information


Biography and photo of the Minister.

What we do

Mission, vision, role and responsibilities.

Key departmental initiatives

Current initiatives the Department is involved in to support farming and agriculture businesses.

Partners and agencies

List of groups and provincial governments that work closely with us to support and apply rules to farming and food.

Planning and reporting

The Department’s financial and non-financial planning, and performance information.

Public opinion research and consultations

Meetings and public opinion research involving feedback from Canadians.


Information products, such as brochures, reports, posters, etc., produced by the Department.

Acts and regulations

Acts related to agriculture and food in Canada.

Offices and locations

Corporate services such as access to information, privacy, audit and evaluation reports, and where to find us in your region.


Employee profiles and tips on how to start a career with us.

Terms and conditions

Includes our privacy notice, official languages policy and rules about who owns this site’s content and how content can be used.


Provides information published on the site about how taxpayer dollars are spent. This section aims to make Canadians better able to hold the Government and public sector officials accountable.

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