Pari-Mutuel Betting

Pari-mutuel betting is an exchange of monies between the bettors, less a percentage of the total monies bet for the racetracks and the federal and provincial governments.

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) is funded by collecting a levy of 0.8% on each bet placed in Canada on horse races. In 2018, the Canadian bettors placed $1,212,694,658.55 in bets on horse races. The federal levy collected by the CPMA on the amount bet in Canada was $9,701,557.11.

Methods of Betting (other than purchasing tickets with cash)

On-track Account Betting is conducted at a racetrack and allows a patron to place bets through an account established at that particular racetrack.

Theatre Betting is conducted at sites other than racetracks, and allows patrons to place a bet at a licensed location which displays the odds, the results and pay-out prices of each race.

Telephone Account Betting allows a patron to transmit bets via telephone or computer to a racetrack where the patron has an account.

Betting Variations

Racing associations may be approved to offer betting on races conducted at their racetrack, as well as at other Canadian and international racetracks. This allows for a range of betting options for the Canadian public.

Inter-track Betting allows two or more racetracks to form betting networks where all bets are combined into a common pool located at the Canadian pool host racetrack in the network.

Foreign Race Inter-Track Betting is Canadian racetracks combining betting pools with foreign host racetracks to form a common pool for bets placed on a race at a foreign location.

Separate Pool Betting occurs when all monies bet are combined at a pool host racetrack while the races are conducted at a different race-course, either a domestic or foreign race host.

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