Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency Equine Drug Control Program

Many drugs and medications, if administered to a horse, could affect their performance in a race. The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) Equine Drug Control Program is designed to deter the uncontrolled use of drugs or medication in race horses participating in pari-mutuel races.

Services of the Equine Drug Control Program


Urine or blood samples are collected from horses before or after a race and are analyzed at an Official Laboratory contracted to the CPMA. Any prohibited substance detected in a sample is reported to the appropriate provincial regulatory body for adjudication.

The Elimination Guidelines 2016 provide information and elimination guidelines on the use of veterinary drugs.

Quality Assurance

This program monitors the performance of the official laboratory under contract to the CPMA. Monitoring activities include the periodic analyses of unknown drug administration samples, semi-annual proficiency tests and site laboratory inspections.


The CPMA carries out research to develop and improve analytical methods for the detection of drugs and to provide information on elimination guidelines for veterinary drugs. Research is also conducted to assess the impact of any proposed regulatory or policy changes to the Equine Drug Control Program prior to their implementation.

The Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency Reference and Research Laboratory

The Reference & Research Laboratory produces proficiency tests and quality assurance samples which satisfy the needs of the programs served and meet the requirements established by the international standards community. The Laboratory is also a participant in drug control research.

The Laboratory is accredited as a Forensic Toxicology laboratory and a recognized Proficiency Testing Provider by the Standards Council of Canada.

For more information on the program, please consult the Equine Drug Control Program - Questions and Answers.

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