How Do I Participate in AgriInvest?

Step 1 - Complete your AgriInvest Form

Send your completed AgriInvest form by the deadline. For information on deadlines, see What Are the Deadlines for AgriInvest?

We will process your form and send you a Deposit Notice showing you how much you can deposit into Fund 1 of your account.

To see how we calculate your deposit, see How Is My AgriInvest Deposit Calculated?

Step 2 - Make your AgriInvest deposit at your financial institution

You have 90 days from the date we issue your Deposit Notice to make a deposit to your AgriInvest account at your financial institution.

You can only make one deposit by the deadline shown on your Deposit Notice. If you deposit less than your maximum matchable deposit, you cannot make up for it later.

When your financial institution confirms that you made your deposit, we will:

  • credit matching government contributions to Fund 2 of your account and
  • send you a Deposit Confirmation Notice showing you that we processed your deposit.

For information on how to make a deposit see How Do I Open, Manage and Close My AgriInvest Account?

Step 3 - Withdraw your funds when you need them

You can withdraw funds from your AgriInvest account any time. Funds are withdrawn from your account in the following order:

  1. Fund 2 - government contributions and interest (taxable)
  2. Fund 1 - your deposits (not taxable)

Each year in February, we will send you an annual Statement of Account showing all of your account transactions for the year, including any taxable withdrawals you made.

If you live in Quebec, contact your administration La Financière agricole at 1-800-749-3646.

For detailed program information, see the AgriInvest Program Guidelines.

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