Is My Production Eligible for AgriInvest?

What is eligible for AgriInvest?

Most primary agricultural commodities are eligible for AgriInvest as long as they are produced in CanadaFootnote 1. For example:

  • grains, oilseeds and special crops
  • horticulture
  • livestock

Agricultural products that you produce and process on your farm may also be eligible providing you report the revenue from processing as farming income (loss) to the Canada Revenue Agency. Some examples of processed products include:

  • strawberries made into jam
  • beef made into beef jerky
  • beeswax made into candles
  • grain made into flour

If you farm as a custom feedlot operator, you are eligible based on the value of allowable commodities you produce (or purchase) and feed to livestock.

What is not eligible for AgriInvest?

The following production is not eligible for AgriInvest:

  • income and expenses from farming activities outside Canada
  • supply managed commodities
  • aquaculture
  • peat moss
  • sales of wild game reserve livestock
  • resales of allowable commodities and some processed commodities
  • hunt farms unless permitted by law
  • trees or seedlings produced or harvested for:
    • firewood
    • construction material
    • poles or posts
    • fibre, pulp and paper
    • use in reforestation

For detailed program information, see the AgriInvest Program Guidelines.

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