Production of a field guide on pest and beneficial insects of Eastern Canadian vineyards with a focus on integrated pest management

Project Code PRR15-050

Project lead

Charles Vincent    Agriculture and AgriFood Canada


Develop and publish an illustrated guide that profiles key insect pests, their natural enemies and introduced biological control species of relevance in vineyards in Eastern Canada

In recent years, significant increases have been seen in grape production and the area planted to vineyards in Canada. Research underway in Canada since the mid 1990’s has shed light on a number of the pests affecting grapes in various grape growing regions of Canada, and the beneficial species which can be found in vineyards. However there are few resources available for grape growers, particularly in the east of the country to help them identify and make informed decisions to manage insect pests in the vineyard according to the principles of integrated pest management (IPM).

Growers in many parts of the country use insecticide sprays throughout the season to protect their high value crops from damaging insect species. However, with the phase-out of some of the older chemistries, resistance management concerns for some others, and the need to protect the natural enemies, access to IPM information is becoming a priority for growers to address their pest issues in a sustainable fashion.

In this two year project, team members will assess and compile existing scientific information, obtain images as required, and create a guide focussed on key pest and beneficial species of relevance in vineyards in Ontario, Québec, and Nova Scotia. The guide, to be made available in both English and French in a print-ready format, will also address methods to conserve and enhance performance of beneficial species and other IPM approaches available for implementation in vineyards in Eastern Canada.

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