Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises Questionnaire

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1. Company information

Do you have a parent company? (required)

If you have a parent company, please provide:

Please identify your company type: (required)
Please identify your agricultural sector(s):
Does your company have its own facility in Canada in which it produces or processes agriculture or agri-food products?
Current annual sales in Canada (previous fiscal year total sales) : (required)
Current annual export sales outside of Canada (previous fiscal year total sales): (required)
Is your company a member of Canada Brand? (required)

2. Export product(s)

1. Please list and briefly describe product(s) for export for this project. You must include the HS code for each product and identify which components are Canadian. If you have more than three products then please attach a list to your application. (required)

Product Harmonized System Code
(HS Code)
Describe Canadian Content

3. Market export plan for this project

5. Has your packaging been adjusted to suit these markets?
8 (a). Is there current market access for your product(s) in the targeted markets?
10. Have you, or do you intend to, apply to any other funding programs for this project? This includes funding from other government programs, trade associations, regional economic development organizations etc.

Growing Forward 2
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